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We strive to exceed your Property Management expectations

Divisions Unlimited Inc is a real estate management company that is focused on proving professional property management services to owners, landlords, investors and tenants for the residential properties we manage.  We make owning a rental property stress and hassle free.

Why our real estate management services are a cut above the rest.

Property Management for single-family homes requires knowledge and expertise. At Divisions Unlimited Inc. we specialize in the management, leasing and maintenance of single-family homes throughout the Boston MetroWest area.  Here’s our approach;

    STEP 1. Start with a Rental Price Analysis

    The first step in leasing out your single-family home is to perform a rental price analysis.  Your Divisions Unlimited property manager will use a combination of comparable homes, leasing data, software, and experience to help you determine the best market price for your rental property.

    Setting an accurate rental price is a key component to leasing your home as quickly as possible to the best possible tenants. Start here with your free rental price analysis.



    Most single-family homes in the Boston area are in good shape. But there are often a number of things that need to be done when getting your home ready for rent. Tenants who are leasing a single-family home, want to know that they are moving into a clean, safe, and turn-key residence. Any deferred maintenance or updates should be completed before you begin showing your home to prospective tenants.

    Your Divisions Unlimited Property Manager will be able to help you identify all necessary repairs and maintenance. They will also recommend updates that can potentially increase the rent or desirability of your home to prospective tenants.



    Divisions Unlimited offers one-stop turnkey services for all leasing and property management needs including home maintenance, home repair, and home remodeling as well. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home repairs and maintenance will be handled by licensed and experienced contractors.

    You can also have the confidence that, should you want to remodel or renovate any part of your home, Divisions Unlimited has you covered! We are a licensed General Contractor with decades of experience remodeling and renovating rental homes in the Boston area.

    Your home should be “move-in ready” before you begin marketing the house for rent. Showcasing your home in the best possible way will help to quickly bring a great tenant.


    Your rental home will be advertised “for rent” through a large network of home rental websites and other internet real estate sites. This will expose your rental property to a large number of potential applicants.

    Here at Divisions Unlimited, we use syndication through software and various databases such as the MLS, Zillow,  and others to promote your listing worldwide! Helping you to find only the best tenants for your rental property.


    As licensed professionals, single-family property managers are often members of large professional networks such as the MLS and others. These groups often work together to help you get your property rented to the best possible tenant.

    As licensed professionals, single-family property managers are often members of large professional networks. These groups often work together to help you get your property rented to the best possible tenant.

    Property managers of single-family rental homes in the Boston area often have a large marketing reach through these professional networks. Providing more exposure to your home increasing the potential number of quality applicants.

    Finding and Screening tenants for your rental home is one of the most important aspects of ensuring success with your rental property.


    STEP 6. Tenant Screening

    The marketing activities of your property manager will generate interest from prospective tenants. Your property manager will handle all aspects of this process. They will receive all phone calls and handle all rental inquiries. They will also set up and arrange showings for your rental property.

    Receiving Tenant Phone Calls – The first step in the tenant screening process is to communicate with the prospective tenant. Understanding what questions to ask and what information to provide prospective tenants is how your property manager will begin to effectively start the screening process. Once the phone interview is completed, the next step will be to arrange for a showing of the property.

    Showing Your Rental Property – The process of showing a property that is for rent will vary from one to another. Occupancy, readiness, condition, will all contribute to how the showing process will be handled. But you can rest assured that your Divisions Unlimited property manager will handle all aspects of the showing process on your behalf.

    Reviewing Applications – Once your single-family property manager has screened and met with potential applicants they will accept and review all applications.

    Reviewing applications will include:

    • Income Verification– Ensuring that the tenant will be able to afford the costs of renting your single-family home is the most important aspect of determining whether or not an applicant will be qualified for leasing. Using formulas that calculate income to expense ratios will determine the tenant’s ability to cover lease and utility payments for the property.
    • Credit and Background Checks– Your property manager will perform a credit and background check on all prospective applicants to verify all application information and credit history.
    • Rental/Address History Check– Along with a credit and background check your property manager will also review the rental history of the applicant and will request previous landlord contact information to confirm residency.

    Once the applicants have been screened and approved to lease your home. The leasing and move-in process will begin.


    STEP 7. Leasing and Move–in

    The leasing and move-in process is the final step when it comes to placing a tenant in your single-family rental home.  As professional property managers of rental homes in the Boston area, Divisions Unlimited will handle all the paperwork and leasing forms on your behalf.

    You and your tenant will choose a move-in date that works for everyone and your property manager will handle ensuring all the forms are filled out correctly and that you and the tenant understand the terms and what’s required of each party during the tenancy. Also, remember to always seek legal advice when entering into any written agreement.

    After the lease agreement is executed and deposits and rents are collected and accounted for, the tenant and your property manager will perform a move-in walkthrough. This is an important part of the leasing process.

    A walk-through inspection is important because it allows the buyer to ensure that everything they were offered in the lease agreement has been provided.

    But’s it’s also very important that the inspection be performed before move-in because it will protect you as the rental property owner as well. If the tenant tries to claim that they aren’t responsible for damage to the property by claiming it was existing damage and that it was “there when they moved in.” A written move-in inspection report that the tenant signs and approves will mitigate those types of issues in the future if there ever is a dispute.

    STEP 8. On-Going Management and Maintenance

    Now that your single-family property manager from Divisions Unlimited has advertised your unit for rent, screened applicants, and placed the best possible candidate. Maintaining a good relationship with the tenants is a key factor to success when renting out your home.

    Responding to service calls and making sure maintenance issues are taken care of quickly and professionally are some of the benefits that having a property manager will give you.

    Your property manager will also handle all aspects of rent collection, payment processing, and bookkeeping of your property’s income and expense records. These benefits are all included in your management service.

    For more information on our single-family property management services for homes in the Boston and Metrowest areas of Massachusetts

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